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"Kerryn gave me more confidence to be myself than I have ever had. After our sessions, I felt much more confident with putting stuff on and naturally gravitate to the colour stuff because its in front of me in my wardrobe."

Rina Anderson

"I  had an absolute blast with Kerryn from Aura Styling. Kerryn was so thoughtful and attentive when we were working on my personal style goals together. She really took the time to understand my lifestyle, preferences and body shape in our discovery call. I would definitely recommend Aura Styling to anyone wanting to freshen up their wardrobe or help with finding their own unique style. I had such a fun experience working with Kerryn and I got so much value out of it."

Kelly Wu

"I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never thought to work with a Personal Stylist before. The Wardrobe Edit/Cleanse surpassed my expectations. I couldn't believe how many outfits we put together. Thank you, Kerryn. I am so grateful for all your help - especially during this time when my body is changing week by week. "

Jess Lake

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