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Virtual Styling

Our Personal Styling Packages have been tweaked to suit virtual consultations. This means we can fit our sessions around your schedule and location. Our services are for all genders, body types and style preferences. We will help you develop a personal style that reflects your identity. You and your style goals are at the centre of the services we offer. Our advice puts your existing wardrobe first to make sure you know how to style the pieces you already own and love. From there, we will work together to build you a hardworking wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle. Choose our virtual styling package below or book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss you style goals and how Aura can help. 

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With Enliven, we will start by styling existing items in your wardrobe, clearing out items that no longer serve you, your lifestyle or style goals and identify gaps in your wardrobe that need to be filled during a 2 hour virtual wardrobe cleanse. 


After our the virtual wardrobe cleanse, you will receive a digital online wardrobe and personalised virtual shopping guide for you to seamlessly fill the gaps in your wardrobe. 

Once your items arrive, we will work together to style these new pieces with items in your wardrobe so that getting dress is a simple and empowering process. 


  • Style Consultation (45 mins - 1 Hour) where we discuss your style goals and determine your style categories;

  • Virtual Wardrobe Cleanse (2 hours) where we put together new outfit combinations with pieces you love or don't know how to style, remove items from you wardrobe that are taking up valuable space, and re-organise your wardrobe; 

  • Virtual Shopping Guide;

  • Personalised Lookbook; 

  • 1 week 1:1 support via phone/email. 

INVESTMENT: $840 (excl GST)

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